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Marketing mix model and strategy

The marketing mix model is a process for planning and strategy development that involves four elements within your control.  These are: Product Price Place Promotion

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Creating marketing plan

Developing Successful and Effective Marketing Plan The following is a list of most frequently considered issues by marketing and sales managers. Developing marketing plan is a process of creating a roadmap for building success in the marketplace. It’s about exploring the market trends and opportunities and outperforming competitors while building long-term competitive advantage.

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How to create marketing report

The outline and format of marketing reports Marketing report is an extremely detailed approach of how you would like to promote the organization’s services or products. Learn how to create marketing dashboard reports in Excel:

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Product life cycle strategies

The Product life cycle explains the product evolution stages during the entire product life cycle. There are generally four product life cycle stages: 1. market introduction, 2. market growth, 3. market maturity, and 4. market decline. Market Introduction During this stage the product is has been introduced for a first time by using above average advertising and promotional investments by ...

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Situation analysis in marketing

The most crucial portion of the marketing plan is definitely the situation analysis. This is actually the portion of your own marketing strategy which demonstrates your own marketing goals and objectives for your business. Having the ability to discover your own target segment will help you strengthen your own marketing and advertising tactics and strategies. Once the current advertising and ...

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