Sales Presentation Ideas And Tips

Sales Presentation Ideas And Tips: The 5 Elements of a Killer Sales Presentation

Though a sales presentation is far from a rare occurrence in the business world, the fact is that very few people know how to give one that will have the maximum impact and charisma to impress the decision makers to whom it is directed.  Use the following five elements to ensure that your next sales presentation will perform the way you want, and bring you a step above your competition.

Give a sales presentation with relevancy
Among the most common mistakes in a sales presentation is using a cookie cutter approach with a generic overall feel.  Even if a sales presentation needs to be given several times to many different people, it is vital that it be geared specifically toward the client or customer who will be seeing it at that moment.  If the prospective customer doesn’t feel a connection with what you have to offer, then they will opt to find someone else who will provide something that they feel is more relevant to their needs.
Even if you use PowerPoint, make some small alterations to the sales presentation so that it is adapted toward the specific person or people who are being addressed.  This may be as simple as adding the logo of the client’s company into the slides you will be using and bringing up a specific problem that company may be facing and discussing it.  This will show the customer precisely how your product or service will fit them.
Make a connection through your sales presentation
Before you give a sales presentation to a prospective customer, have a preliminary discussion in which you pay attention to the nature of their business, their struggles, and their needs.  This way, you can gear your approach directly toward that particular focus.  Then provide a product sample or – at a bare minimum – a pamphlet  or other informational piece that includes product images.  Make sure that the product you choose is one that is specifically suited to the needs that you talked about with the client.  This will allow them to see what the product looks like and allows them to develop questions that may be answered by your sales presentation or that may be discussed afterward.  Remember that as you do this, you should be identifying the benefits (as opposed to the features) of the product, so that your customers will be able to understand how your products will be an advantage to them – especially when compared to your competition!
Get to the point of your sales presentation
Your prospective customers are busy people and though it may seem like a good idea to put together a full show with lots of detail, most people would far prefer it if you moved directly to the primary points so that they can learn how the product will be beneficial and then make their decision.  This is challenging for many people, as they know their product well and are prone to long-winded descriptions of every feature.  Instead, show the product, discuss its benefits, and give its cost.  This prepares the customer with the basics needed in order to make a purchase decision, and opens up the opportunity for questions – which you can also answer concisely and directly.
Give an animated sales presentation
The worst part of a sales presentation is that they are typically quite dull.  They are unimaginative, flat, and boring overall.  If you are able to break away from this trend ad give a bright, positive, and enthusiastic sales presentation, this energy will carry over to your customers and will give you greater appeal.
This doesn’t mean that you need flashing lights and dancers.  It simply requires you to vary the tone of your voice, avoid falling into a monotone drone, and use facial expressions and body language to show that you are both present and involved in what you are saying.
To get a good idea of how much animation is going into your sales presentation, use a video recording device and record yourself.  If possible, record the entire sales presentation and watch the whole thing.  If you find yourself getting bored, then the odds are that you won’t be alone.
By incorporating these elements into your sales presentation, you will dramatically improve its appeal and the chances of turning prospects into customers.  You will show that you believe in the product or service that you have to offer and that it is something worth getting excited over.