How to Create Marketing System: The 7 Key Factors

Learn how to create a marketing system:

An effective marketing system is the one that is reliable and predictable.
It is more than just one channel or tactic. It is not based on the latest tools but it can easily incorporate them or avoid them.
When you have a marketing system in place – it’s easy to:

  • test it
  • improve it
  • grow it and build on it
  • track your marketing results to make sure you leverage all your resources

The main components and areas you should focus on to build new marketing system or improve an existing one:

  1. Your target market segments
  2. Your products and services
  3. Your pricing and positioning
  4. Your lead generation process
  5. Your conversion process
  6. Selling to existing customers
  7. Return on marketing (measuring marketing return on investment)

How to Build Successful Marketing System from Mr Dashboard on Vimeo.

Marketing Leverage System

Marketing System