What is Plurk?

What is Plurk and should you include Plurk in your social media marketing and SEO?

For those of you who are not familiar with Plurk: Plurk is a totally free social networking and micro blog service that enables end users to deliver latest updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or backlinks, which can be as much as 210 characters in length (previously 140 just like Twitter limitations).

Latest updates are then displayed in the user’s home page utilizing a time line, that lists all of the updates obtained in chronological order, and sent to other end users that have chosen to obtain them. End users could respond to other users’ latest updates from their time line through the Plurk.com webpage, by personal or instant messaging, or by text messaging via compatible 3rd party applications.

Plurk’s display displays latest updates in horizontal form through a scrollable timeline written in JavaScript and updated through AJAX. Users can adjust the display using CSS and HTML scripts as well. Users could post new text messages with optional ‘qualifiers’, that happen to be 1-word words utilized to represent a thought (for example, ‘feels’, ‘thinks’, ‘loves’, and so on.). You will find additionally advanced functions such as sending latest updates only to a subset of your friends, write-up latest updates on occasions early in the day, and sharing images, videos, and other media. Followers are permitted, but only restricted to accounts which are not established as personal. Users could up load media files via YouTube, backlinks and webcam or from their personal computer. Plurks can also be ‘liked’, like in other social sites. Additionally, it includes a birthday reminder feature that places a birthday cake sign on all the user’s messages on his/his birthday. Each and every plurker has her/her own Karma value. It is calculated based on your activities. Higher Karma could access to a lot more emoticons.

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Plurk additionally enables team communications between friends and allows usage of emoticons along with the normal text micro blog. Plurk additionally enables the up load of end users’ own pictures as emoticons.

Text links can be added to plurks by simply typing the URL followed with the needed text in parenthesis. Plurk automatically converts a URL that ends with png or gif in to a icon of the picture and adds the thumbnail to the time line.

Private settings come with time line visibility by close friends only, those who are friends of your friends or the entire world. Just like other social networks, Plurk provides the ability to add friends, fan other users and build categories known as cliques. Plurk also has a Plurk widget which can be added to your blog or website to display your current Plurk activity.