What are financial reports?

What are financial reports anyway and how they are created and used in business?

A financial report is frequently also known as the yearly report for the financial results of the company. The financial report shows the financial info of the provided business in the straightforward and helpful way. This sort of financial info is crucial for all stakeholders, management and executives, as the financial information can produce solutions and opportunities for improving profits and cutting costs for the company.

Financial studies are frequently created to include a predefined financial reporting period. While some include the total year, other experiences just use a particular period, such as a quarterly, monthly or even weekly and daily report. It is essential that you explain how prolonged a time period the financial report covers and this should be included in the title or footnote of your reports.

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Normally financial reports have four necessary sections – assets, liabilities, P&L and cash flow reports or statements. For example, the balance sheet shows you how much assets the company has and how much debt it owes to banks and creditors. The P&L statement or income statement shows you the revenues, expenses and profits of the company operations. Finally the cash flow statement shows how much cash has been generated within the reporting time period from operations and financing.

Some managers especially those who are not in finance and still need to look at the financial reports can find all this information overwhelming. This is why financial dashboard reports are used by most organizations. The dashboard reports summarize all the important financial metrics by using charts and indicators. This is helpful for management because it shows all trends and financial results in a visual way.

While the basic financial reports explained above are the standard financial reporting practice the real power of financial reports comes with the use of financial ratios. Financial ratios are crucial metrics or key performance indicators that show the correlation and results of multiple financial pieces of information in many cases cross-referencing data from more than one financial report. Financial excel dashboard allows you to have a snapshot of all your financial data, figures, ratios, targets, KPIs and metrics all in one place. Effective financial excel dashboard will summarize all this complex data into meaningful executive style information.