Ways To Import Contacts From Excel Into CRM

How To Import Contacts From Excel to CRM

Open the document which contains all contacts in excel. Make sure that the contacts are found in document that has title row. A title row includes the value which means for all data. For instance, row on top of a contacts excel spreadsheet could view: family name, name, Address, City, condition, Zip Code, phone, e-mail, site. This title row is crucial since it lets the CRM application to know framework of the the data.

Use document in the list of excel choose save as. Choose place on the computer exactly where you want to save the exported contacts. In design drop down list, choose comma separated data csv. Select ok. With Excel the drop down list is named Save as kind and design is contacted CSV.

Open up the CRM application. Choose the Import alternative in either one the list or Contacts group. Choose comma separated data as document type you are importing.

Choose browse and find the csv document you need to get exported out of your Excel file. Select ok now. The CRM application will request you to fit with the fields out of the title row in the excel document with the related area in the CRM application. For instance, it will request when you need to set each of the information from the family name area in the excel document in the family name area in the CRM application. Match up the areas and then select ok.

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The CRM application will right away create new document for all of the contacts plus it will fill out the fields making use of the information from the excel csv document. Now you can use your contacts who originated from your Excel file within your CRM program.