Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques: 10 Stress Relief Tips for Business People

Business people today deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Most people do not recognize the level of stress and unfortunately high level of stress in the workplace has become a part of life.

One of the most effective approaches to stress relief and stress management is actually recognizing and identifying the source of stress. Keeping a simple “stress journal” can answer the what, when and why questions. It is important to clearly identify what are the main sources of stress such as what are the people, events, places, etc. that cause stress in our life. Another important stress management information is answering the question – what is the most stressful time during the week and during the day.

Simple stress relief tips and stress management techniques you can use today to start managing stress more effectively:

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  1. If you deal with a high level of stress everyday then one very effective approach to stress management is to learn how to let the things go and practice not to become stressful. Thinking that most of your stress is a waste of time and energy is a good start to stress management.
  2. At times when you are under a lot of stress pay attention to control your breathing. Breathe slowly and before making important decisions take couple of deep breaths.
  3. Slow down the pace of speaking. Talking slowly will help you feel better and more relaxed when you are under stress.
  4. When making a decision try to step back and ask yourself if you are acting based on your stress or you are making the right decision you would make anyway.
  5. Manage your time better. If you identify that your stress level is high at the same time of day and week try to reorganize your work and use time management techniques that work for you.
  6. Get outdoors. Even a short break outside with a short walk and fresh air can make a difference when you deal with stress.
  7. Reward yourself. Even small rewards after a busy day can be a good stress relief. If you had a long and stressful day before you go to sleep try to do something that makes you happy. Call a good friend or go to your favorite place.
  8. Stressful people can easily ignore what they eat and drink. Being thirsty and hungry will make your stress situation even worse. Drink plenty of water.
  9. As much as possible try to avoid people and places that make you stressful.
  10. Do not keep it to yourself. It is better to communicate your stress feelings with others.