Social Media Marketing Tips and Ideas

Social Media Marketing Tips and Ideas You Can Start Using Today!

Social Media Marketing is a powerful marketing communication channel. Social Media Marketing can improve brand loyalty, create brand advocates, promote new ideas, products and services in an effective way, improve overall company image and of course at the end of the day improve the overall competitive position.

Social Media Marketing is part of the marketing promotional mix together with other promotion and advertising strategies and tactics. Compared to traditional promotional channels social media is more effective because of the nature of social media.

Social Media is about engaging customers and prospects and sharing targeted content in a timely manner. While other marketing communication channels spread the message from the company to the customer or prospect in social media marketing the message is not only spread by the company but also by others which makes social media marketing more effective and relevant. In addition social media is easily accessible by all internet users and it is an inexpensive marketing channel.

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Social Media Marketing Tools: Here are some Social Media Marketing Tools and Platforms you need to consider including in your Social Media Marketing communication mix. Try to incorporate at least three types of social media channels.

Examples of Social Media Marketing platforms that can improve your branding and marketing:

(1) Blogs (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad) and Micro Blogs (Twitter) – Share content with your customers and prospects. Engage feedback from visitors and analyze trends and your competitive position. Create ongoing communication and plan your blogging as part of your overall marketing strategy.

(2) Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace) – Adds more personal value to your brand andf business. When it is done effectively improves your brand strength and creates trust with your customers and prospects.

(3) Social News (Digg, Reddit) – Share information about your company, products, services, events, ideas and customers.

(4) Social Sharing (YouTube, Scribd, Flickr) – Share videos, stories, links and other content relevant to your brand and business.

(5) Social Feedback and Reviews (Epinions, Yelp, WikiAnswers) – Analyze feedback from your customers as well as your competitors’ customers. Try to improve customer feedback by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Summary: Develop your social media marketing plan just like you develop your business and marketing plans. Define in a clear way what you are trying to achieve with your social media marketing. Keep in mind that social media is another marketing channel – very important and effective – a must for any competitive business.

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