Social Media Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Here are some really effective Social Media Marketing Ideas that you can organize within the following 3 major online marketing strategies:

Social media marketing platforms offer tremendous opportunities for small business owners. There are so many ways that small business can benefit from those channels. Here are some ideas that can quickly generate specific ideas for your own business on how you can take advantage of social media:

1. Broadcasting your sales and marketing message

This is the most important among the strategic goals and objectives of most companies that are serious about inbound marketing and online lead generation. The reason being that it offers you a huge channel to distribute your content so your target market can find it.

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Next, in terms of SEO this process will help you get many valuable social signals and backlinks going back to your blog or company website. It is of enormous value for the business to be able to reach so many people from its target market by simply clicking a button! If you are not strong in this area of your online marketing you should definitely start working on this because you are missing so many opportunities.

2. Customer service

Large organizations like Dell first started taking advantage of these social media channels to engage with their customers and answer any questions about their products and services. Why is this important? Because as you interact with your own customers and other people from your target market can see it you are building huge value for your business.

First of all your prospective customers / leads can easily identify with your current customer base and see the benefits your customers get from doing business with your company.

Second, you are showing that your customer service is awesome and prospects feel comfortable because you are building trust online. Those who are at their purchase stage and try to make a purchase decision will likely go with you because they know if something goes wrong – you stand behind your products and services.

3. Getting important market information and intelligence

The third way to leverage social media marketing for small business is to create a “listening channel”. What is this? By using any social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook you can easily track the mentions and following of your top competitors. You can see what kind of content they use, how they engage and interact with their customers.

What messages work to attract people and what are the most popular products and service – just to name few examples. Being able to track in real time what is trending and what people are talking about is simply amazing for planning and adjusting your marketing messages and campaigns.

Each of this 3 major strategies offer many ideas on how to start using social media in your marketing. It is a great online lead generation channel for you to find new customers.

Quick tips for starting your social media marketing:

If you are new in internet marketing you can start by opening social media accounts and building profiles for your company. Start blogging and update your blog and website frequently. Ask your customers to follow you online and ask for feedback, testimonials and referrals. Offer incentives and cool content that engages your ideal customer profile.