Show Grid When Printing in Excel

How to actually show grid lines when printing from Excel

Open your Excel sheet you want to print. You could do the with a click on the sheet tab at the end of the monitor. To choose one or more sheet, once you choose the first sheet, press change and next choose the next or a few worksheets.

Use page layout options on the menu options for older excel versions or monitor for latest excel versions.
Preview now the grid lines to see how they print simply by selecting the control f2 keys to be able to open the Print Preview screen. Don’t forget that grid outlines are just made to print about inputted information in sheet. To actually print grid about empty cells that you would modify the printing area.

Choose the blank cells on the sheet which you need to include with grid outlines as well. Use page layout options. In page set up group, choose the printing area and next click include in the printing area.

Choose the excel alternative for new excel editions and then click Print. In previous versions of Excel choose the menu and choose Print.

Use page set up and the workheet tab. Be sure the Draft is not evaluated. Get the current driver for the printer out of the manufacturer site in case the grid outlines nevertheless aren’t printing.