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Sales Pitch How To Guide and Examples

Sales Pitch Reality check: Before you jump in into creating your sales pitch you need to do a reality check regarding your target sales pitch audience. What do they really need? What are their pain, issues, problems, opportunities they face every day? Depending on your target market and industry / marketplace this will vary. There are going to be different “customer drivers” but there are some issues that are common for your business and any other business in any market and industry.

The reality you need to face is:  “your target market / target audience do not care about you and your business and they do not care about your products and services”. What they care about is their business and their needs. Your sales pitch will be effective and successful when you develop and position your sales pitch to help your customers instead of talking how great you are you need to talk how you will help your customers achieve their goals, manage issues, take advantage of opportunities…. So the first step you need to take in developing an effective sales pitch is to identify your target customer issues, problems, opportunities, preferences, needs, pain, risk, cost, investments, goals and objectives, competitors, etc. – whatever is important for your customers.

Remember: you need to talk about your customers’ needs not about your business!

If you are pitching customers or prospects and you want them to buy your product or service focus your sales pitch on their needs and interests. If you are pitching to investors and you want them to invest their money in your business your sales pitch should explain how they are going to make money with you. Sales pitch development sounds very simple however many fail to deliver a good sales pitch. Most business people and small business owners and entrepreneurs are excited about how smart they are and how creative their business is and they forget the basics and ignore the reality check.

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After you organize your sales approach and create a sales pitch focused on your target needs you will earn your prospect attention – now they listen what you are saying. This is the single most important thing about your sales pitch – getting your prospect attention. Once you get their attention your sales pitch can go into more details explaining the specifics of how you are going to help your prospects and customers.

Think about developing a successful sales pitch and sales approach like developing a process. It takes a process – more than one step to get the job done – to sell. Your sales pitch is a tool to sell.

Beyond Developing Sales Pitch: Sales Pitch Bonus

Everybody likes excitement and fun. When you think you are done with your sales pitch do the following:

1. Step back and ask yourself: “How can I build excitement in my sales pitch and sales process?

2. Ask yourself: “Is my sales pitch similar to my competitors’ sales pitch?” What is different?

3. What is the simplest approach I can use to show my competitive advantage and value for the customer?

4. Visualize success!

Show your prospects and customers that you bring value to the table in a simple, professional and fun way – be really different and make sure the difference really counts. Use visual help when you deliver your sales pitch such as charts, comparison tables, pictures, process flowchart. Visual tools help you communicate clear and more effectively.

Comparison charts and tables are great for comparing your business with your competitors and your customers and prospects can easily understand and compare what are they getting id they do business with you. Show them the benefits by using similar situations, experiences, stories and case studies.

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