Sales Pitch Examples

Sales Pitch Examples: How to create effective sales pitch?

Sales Pitch Examples – Use the following tips to create effective sales pitch for your business. Why is an effective sales pitch important? Effective sales pitch can make a difference between successful sales strategy and a business failure. The sales pitch is what your prospects first hear about your business and your sales pitch communicates why your business is the best fit for your prospect. Keep your sales pitch short and simple so your target audience can easily understand you.

Pay attention to the “What?” – what is the single most important point your target should remember from your pitch. Next, answer the “Why?” – why should they consider you / why are you better than your competitors? Finally, be clear and specific about what you expect from your target audience to do after you deliver your sales pitch. Your sales pitch must be Targeted, Simple and Focused. Always test your sales pitch whether it communicates in a clear way to your target market. Is your sales pitch simple? Your target market needs to understand your sales pitch in a few seconds.

Is your sales pitch tailored and focused on a specific person and specific company needs?

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Targeted Sales Pitch: Your sales pitch must be targeted to your prospect’s business, needs and preferences. Before you go into details to develop your winning sales pitch you need to define your target market.

For example try to answer the following questions to help you create a targeted sales pitch: What is your target market? What is an average / typical prospect like? What would be their perfect supplier or business partner? What is a typical supplier currently used by your prospect? What are the main issues in their business? What drives profit or improves productivity for your prospects and customers? For example, your sales pitch should communicate to your prospects your offering (product and / or service) and the way you do business.

If there is no big difference between your products and services and your competitors’ offerings – your sales pitch should communicate the way you do business in a different and better way. Your sales pitch will be effective if it communicates how your way of doing business is better for them – how your business will create better value compared to your competitors.

Sales Pitch Tip: For example – let’s say your business is not much different then your competitors – in this case your sales pitch is very important for your business success and generating more sales – so you need to pay attention what you say when you deliver your sales pitch. If your product and service is not competitive – you need to focus on improving the way you do business so you can create value for your customer.

Simple Sales Pitch: Your sales pitch must be simple. Simple sales pitch is an effective sales pitch because your prospects should be able to understand the value you can create for their business. They listen to your sales pitch and try to understand if you are a good fit for their business. Simple pitch means you understand their business and your products and services are designed and delivered to help their business.

Focused Sales Pitch: Targeted and simple sales pitch means focused sales pitch – focus your sales pitch on your target prospects and their pain / needs / preferences / profit drivers. Understanding your prospects’ business is critical for getting their business – so tell them you understand their business and focus on their business not on your business.

How to deliver your Sales Pitch: Before you do anything you must get your prospect’s attention. This is the opening part of your sales pitch. The best way to get attention so someone will listen to you is to be confident, knowledgeable, excited and professional. For example tell them how excited you are with your current business, how you enjoy doing business with your customers and how successful you are. Start talking about your customers and explain how similar they are to your prospect. Opening your sales pitch with giving a professional impression creates a prospect willing to spend time listening to your sales pitch in more details.

Listen: Do not forget to listen to your prospect. Any comment or question from your prospect can help you and guide you to deliver your sales pitch in a better and more tailored way. For example, if your prospect talks about cutting costs explain that you understand their business model and talk about alternative ways to cut their costs and save them money.

Your prospect’s overall goal is to improve her business so you can help by offering solutions to grow their business or to improve their productivity. Examples, testimonials, references, case studies: Use examples when you deliver your sales pitch – tell your prospect successful examples when you had similar customer with similar issues and explain how you helped them. Your examples and references should be simple and effective so your prospect can easily relate their business needs with your references. For example, using references from the same industry as your prospect and similar company size is very effective.

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