Resume Experience Tips: Showing Relevance In Your Resume

Your work experience on your resume is the first thing your potential employer will see when she reviews your resume. Professional experience or work experience or job related experience is what is your major asset when competing with other job candidates for the same job. Your work experience should tell story about yourself – your experience, skills, network, interests, etc. and hopefully convince your potential employer to give you an opportunity for a job interview.

The experience part of your resume is actually your reference – proving you have what it takes to land the job. Your recruiter can see what companies have you worked for before, how long have you worked for each company, what have you done for those companies and your positions held.

Being that important the experience part of your resume needs a good attention and strategy to help you get the job interview and hopefully land the job. Keep in mind that employers are trying to match your previous job responsibilities and achievements with the job opening and job requirements.

This means you need to make sure you present yourself in a way that the recruiter will be interested to talk to you. Before you decide to send your resume make sure you check how your experience part of your resume adds value to the recruiter – how you can help the company and how your previous experience is important for this job.

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Using a list of job titles with dates and companies is not enough – your recruiter wants to see more. If your experience part of your resume sounds like a job description that means you need to work a little bit more on your resume. Focus on achievements and how your skills are important for this job opening.