Quitting a Job Due To Stress

Quitting a Job Due To Stress happens all the time

Quitting a Job can be a big stress for many people. Because of that many people live with their current jobs for a long time although they are not happy with their jobs. It used to be that a job with a company should be long-term and people hoped to have job security for life. Today the job market is different and many people are getting used to the fact that there is nothing wrong in Quitting a Job.


The optimistic approach of Quitting a Job is new opportunities – that’s true. If you are thinking about Quitting a Job think about how this decision will bring change to your life and new opportunities for better job and a better company – getting rid of the same daily routines – trying new things meeting new people…

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If you are thinking about Quitting a Job you need to do something. You need to be open and honest to yourself about how you feel with your current job and where are you going with your life if you keep your job long term. Think about how you feel and your everyday emotions related to your current job. Remember that Quitting a Job can be stressful in short term but you are rewarding yourself in long term – the fact that you have been thinking about Quitting your current Job for some time means you need and you believe you can do better.

When you finally decide that Quitting your Job is your way to go make a plan. Yes, you need a plan. Do not talk to anyone else before you talk to your boss because your boss might be insulted if someone else tells him before you do. Keep your story consistent – tell the same reasons for Quitting your Job to everyone.

Do not complain but rather explain your future plans and your intentions to stay in touch and help your company in the future if they need your help. There are many jobs that can be done part time as a freelancer or consultant so keeping a good relationship with your current employer should be your priority when

Quitting a Job. Be polite and professional and give a notice at least two weeks before you Quit a Job. Accept to train anyone in the company if they need your help and accept any exit interviews. Always keep in mind that even if you do not have any interest in this company in the future at some point sooner or later you might need a good reference to land your dream job – so be professional and polite.