Quick Branding and Marketing Tips

Creating marketing plan could seem a tough task, yet along with some preparation a small business owner could create simple and yet powerful tactics that could lead to business growth. Generally a mix of advertising methods & creative tools could develop an efficient marketing planning.

Brand management, brand recognition and ongoing branding is key marketing tactic that your small business could execute. What your brand communicates is a key or major promise you make to your existing customers and your target audience in general. Building identity like logo, colors and website helps you in branding so people can identify your company in the marketplace.

These are things that don’t change monthly – be as consistent as possible with your branding and marketing messages. Changing a message can be misleading and can mean starting your entire marketing efforts from scratch which is costly to play around – plan well before you start doing anything.

Focus on creating cost effective and attractive marketing collateral and materials. Coupons, fliers, business cards and catalogs are simple, inexpensive and effective marketing tools. Your ads in magazines and local papers should be integrated with the rest of the marketing campaigns for example. Email and newsletters are free marketing platform you should use to reinforce your marketing message into integrated campaigns.

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