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Performance Management Process

Performance Management Communication Plan Example

But the performance management process is just as successful as the ability to communicate understanding and interact throughout your organization. If you want to create culture as an excellent source of performance – one that wins in the industry – you must first take the time to create the purpose, design and rollout of the performance management process. Creating an overarching strategy with defined goals and tactics can make it easier for employees and managers to understand the facts, buy in, and remember the facts.

Below you will cover 5 stages to successfully start your speed and agility management process, along with a timeline for communicating the plan effectively. And if the process is just too complicated, managers can become frustrated and skip important steps. If your managers are overwhelmed along with your performance management process, chances are it is too complicated.

Promoting a cause makes every employee feel like they can contribute to the goals of your organization as well as overall success. As with many company-wide initiatives, without a specific goal, your employees will not understand how – not to mention to decide – how to jump in. By involving these parties at the outset, the buy-in and enthusiasm surrounding the process can be increased.

Consider involving managers and employees in decision-making as soon as possible. A unique combination of inputs can help you address a number of needs or concerns, and ultimately help you design a procedure that maximizes the potential for your program. Use discussion groups and culture committees to gather feedback, brainstorm solutions, select partners, and provide trial solutions.

This can arm you with attorneys to help implement the change. Break the device into bite-sized steps and make sure people managers understand the procedure and their role at each step. People want to feel up to date, especially with regard to sensitive issues such as performance.

While this may seem like an insignificant step, creating an identity for your initiative can create top-of-mind awareness and help inform your story. Just like launching a communication plan, remember that the different platforms will get the message out to the right people on time. The more and more people know about a good upcoming change, the more comfortable they will be in case it happens.

Hold a company-wide meeting to get off the plan and hold training sessions to teach your employees. Spread the term with an interoffice email series or perhaps on communication platforms such as Slack or Google Chat. This can help create clear expectations that help every employee understand their job.

Make sure you are clear and let people inform about questions or provide feedback. It is not necessarily easy to get employees on board with new initiatives. By purposefully designing your program and communicating your plans strategically with all stakeholders, you can get one step closer to implementing an effective performance management solution.

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