Marketing Plan: 4 Free Business And Marketing Templates And Tools

Four Absolutely Free Marketing Plan Templates and Tools:



When you need to increase your business you need to plan for improvement, which begins with creating an in-depth marketing plan. Even though many services provide paid marketing plan software, numerous small businesses rarely need and have extra time for complex programs, particularly when advertising and marketing budget is constrained. Actually, you are able to develop a solid marketing strategy utilizing theese free tools to make your own marketing plan.

How can you start creating a productive marketing plan? Marketing plans are usually composed of strategies, intended for developing your company and improving brand name recognition. There are lots of factors as well as issues which are included in the marketing plan development…

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  1. Headline Generator (generates hundreds of headlines based on your keyword – ideal tool to give you ton of ideas for your content, PR, marketing materials…)


  1. Break-Even Analysis Calculator (Helps you determine the volume of products/service you need to sell to break even)


  1. Sales Pitch Generator (helps you summarize the key foundation of your sales pitch and continue building from there)


  1. Slogan Maker & Tagline Generator (taglines or slogans are brief catchy phrases used in advertising and marketing – this tool generates hundreds of ideas about your business)



More free tools for your business coming soon…