Logistics & Supply Chain Management KPIs

KPIs for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Reporting

Many individuals (both managers and employees) are unclear about KPIs and Metrics used in Logistics and Supply Chain Management business processes and operations.

This leads to the following frequently asked questions when it come to KPI reporting in SCM and logistics:

  1. Which logistics KPIs to use?
  2. What are useful supply chain metrics?
  3. How many key performance indicators do we need to use?

Obviously they should turn into SMART goal setting. You can read the guide and use the templates here to get you started. Also use the KPI development guides and templates to make sure you avoid the common mistakes and wasting time on rework…


KPI Gap Analysis Template


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Do they really support your strategic objectives?

Remember that metrics and indicators’ purpose is to help you measure your progress in achieving your goals so they have to be closely tied to your strategic goals.

As In every business activity, logistics processes have to focus regularly on progress to be competitive within the market place.

KPI could be explained as an affordable and target metric of progress. If you really are driving your vehicle and in addition you wish to sustain certain speed – you would make use of your speedometer to keep track.

You might drive little faster as well as you would slow down from time to time. You might work with a KPI in a similar fashion. The one main difference is usually that in almost all cases, you wont plan to lower performance when a company moves higher than needed targets and benchmarks.


Management KPI Reporting Tools

In fact, in case the vehicle has fuel utilization gauge and you make use of this to attempt and drive economically, thus you really are using a set of KPIs just like you would manage and track your logistics metrics.

Using KPIs for performance management guarantees that you’re often analyzing your organization against a benchmark. This indicates that changes are actually immediately obvious and when performance moves within the wrong direction, you can fast address the situations and get back on track.

When the KPI reveals that performance is actually on a regular basis meeting as well as exceeding the needed level, you could choose to raise the line and in addition set high standard to aspire to.

For this reason, KPIs are actually essential for every business progress strategy in supply chain management.

Use logistics and supply chain KPIs beyond the boundaries of your organization

Service level arrangements especially would be reviewed through KPIs agreed between business and the customer, with possibility of fines getting applied when performance falls below agreed levels.

In short, KPIs deliver openness of business performance and enable target quantitative and also qualitative evaluation. When aligned with business goals, KPIs take away the guess work and invite focus to become added to progress of the supply chain goals.

When computing the capacity and expense of the logistics you’ll have to establish and monitor logistics KPIs which give openness which relates to individual logistics components.

Multi disiplined KPIs are actually prone to deliver snapshots of the next overall performance factors. They must be constructed in a way that every function can easily see its very own factor toward the entire logistics performance.

The most prevalent cause is condition of distress with what definitely creates a KPI. There is absolutely nothing wrong with catching lots of metrics, particularly with today’s productive analytics application approaches to help you out in the KPI reporting process.

However, it’s apart from reasonable to anticipate the individual to keep track of them tightly on everyday or week-to-week basis.

KPI Templates

Use the excel dashboard KPI templates to automatically update daily logistics and supply chain management metrics without time wasted.

KPIs might make-up small number of metrics – that will turn into realistically reviewed on regular basis. They don’t have to be particularly detailed, however might alternatively track most equally important aspects of supply chain performance.

“In determining your logistics KPIs, the essential problem is to recognize performance aspects which are crucial to people stimulated to influence them and expand appropriate KPIs for the target users.”


Pareto Analysis and Pareto Chart Templates


The KPIs are about computing things that drive your costs plus service performances.  Pick ones that you’re thinking are actually important to the processes and that you’re in fact prepared to track, report and measure