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KPI Dashboard Development With Excel

What Is Kpi Dashboard In Excel

You will find three sellers and three different products that we sell, so we also have a row for the target sales. The data is based on two areas called North and South. To set up the KPI report, we will start by creating some pivot tables and images to present the information we want to retrieve on the dashboard.

You may use any data that represents key performance indicators. Then select your computer data area and click ok. To create the pivot table and pictures, select the information and choose INSERT and PIVOT Chart.

Then we select the fields for product, month, salesperson, and unit sales in the new pivot table. Our first KPI chart we create shows unit sales and also allows an individual to filter the information by month or seller. The month and seller are fields you want for our filters for this purpose so they go within the filters section.

We would like the chart to show unit sales to make sure it falls within the values ​​section. Make sure the fields you want for selection fields appear below the filter portion of the chart. The chart is made to show sales by product, so ProductID falls within the axis section.

Select the type of chart you want to display in your own dashboard area. The filter section helps you to set selection criteria for all your charts afterwards. Once you’re happy with your first chart, move on and create another chart for the dashboard.

To select the chart design and type, go through the chart Excel has personally prepared for you, then choose the PivotChart Tools Design tab. We give a pivot table and table again and then select exactly the same source data. We’re going to create our second chart to mirror unit sales as a pie chart.

Create all those other charts you want to include in your Excel dashboard and then create a sheet for the dashboard from scratch. This pie chart shows sales by salesperson by month, so a business manager can see the breakdown of the items being sold monthly for all of your sales reps or for all income. As you will summarize, creating a custom KPI dashboard for Excel is quite easy.

So a business manager can immediately notice that George has not hit his sales targets for your iPad and PC categories for January. Create your personal KPI dashboards and get your finger firmly on the pulse of your organization today, or create someone who will blow your mind. Regularly join a library of internet courses and digital learning resources for your business with Udemy for Business.

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