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HR Payroll Excel Templates

Excel HR Dashboard Templates Free Download

Communication is very important to the HR team as they are expected to maintain full transparency. Clear and transparent communication is important to maintain a healthy culture in almost any organization. These Excel templates also help you manage eligible candidates and ensure new hires along with the originals.

A suitable template can help HR post a vacancy with employment agencies and effectively balance these current relationships with the help of the employees. The following is a long list of the best HR and payroll templates so you can come up with routine tasks without compromising the caliber of the actual report. If your HR department is looking for a good approach to maintain sensitive and useful employee data, here we have included a completely free list of well-designed templates that will solve the mundane task of storing or physically stacking documents in offices.

All of these templates are available for FREE. If you are a small organization or start-up with financial constraints, don’t worry. This template also allows you to add information about the company name, designation, job location, key skills, required qualifications and much more.

With a great job description template, it’s easy to ease the entire process of providing exemplary job descriptions. Criminal background checks on employees will be part of the candidate selection process as poor hiring can damage an organization’s reputation for the clients when the candidate joins the job with fake documents. Once there is a good candidate who fits the profile, and you are ready to hire that professional for your company, it is time for you to confirm the contract details and grades recorded on their resume and during the interviews.

This free template can help you understand the actual required documents along with the procedure for documenting. By conducting an effective search of employees’ criminal records, you will know what to inquire about and what to document while completing the candidate selection process. Each company has a different requirement based on the work profile.

No organization takes exactly the same approach to complete their recruitment process. Every organization must perform a performance evaluation before conducting assessments. As an HR, you need to discover ways to advertise job openings and conduct interviews after the induction round has ended.

A performance evaluation may also be necessary to decide how to improve current results on the road to success. This process is important to understand whether or not the employees are performing their jobs and duties effectively. So here’s a template to run performance evaluation and feedback documentation more smoothly.

Neither performance evaluations nor review cycles should become a stressful phase for your HR department. There will be times when the employee will want to communicate grievances, suggestions or comments to the HR or senior. A strong pillar that directly translates into a progressive workplace is pleasant employee relationships.

Keeping track of payroll and effectively organizing each employee’s salaries is yet another step towards making business processes smoother and much more in-line. Using this template, you can keep an archive of employee problems and resolve their problems quickly. This template provides an easy-to-use graphical representation of employee data and highlights more critical data points.

With a payroll template, your company can effectively streamline all of your employees’ financial data, increasing the precision of economic activities. A payroll deduction system helps the HR to understand any deductions that could occur within an employee’s salary due to being late, unpaid leave, medical insurance, etc. This Excel payroll template helps visualize the HR dashboard for compiling payroll statistics in one report.

Salary changes take place regularly within the annual appraisal cycle. You can also include legal policies within the organization before making the final monthly payroll approves. This template makes adjustments to base salary, bonuses or incentives, etc.

Most organizations go through a 2-review cycle every year, which leads to twice as much operating in changing data among each employee. It can also help record the changes in each employee salary module.

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