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How To Write A Marketing Strategy Report

How To Write A Strategic Report

Your report should cover the business performance under the topic of strategy and whether or not the strategy remains good at achieving business goals. Your marketing plan report can decide whether your business will continue to pursue an existing strategy or switch to another. Your report on your own company’s marketing plan should start with background information for the public.

Your research into the strategy itself, as well as how the company has implemented it, provides guidance for future strategy planning. You should describe in detail the assumptions your company has made regarding the business environment, including the competitor’s problem and the market segments, as well as how valid the assumptions were. An assessment of the objectives of the approach and the context in which your company has implemented them is the basis for evaluating their effectiveness.

The strategy performance report bases its evaluation on the factors discussed in the background in your presentation. These background elements have a direct impact on strategic performance. You may have noticed that the strategy has been neglected to achieve some goals because the underlying assumptions were wrong or because it succeeded due to correct assumptions.

Your evaluation specifies the extent to which a strategy achieved the objectives you assessed, and how its performance depended on the validity of the assumptions on which it was based. The results of implementing a strategy provide choices for further action, as well as your report should address these issues. Depending on your own evaluation, you should report how far a strategy has met its objectives, as well as the causes of the performance rate described in the report.

If a strategy does not meet its objectives despite correct underlying assumptions, a different approach or better implementation may be appropriate. If the factual assumptions were correct and the strategy executed on schedule, your company would like to continue taking the same approach. Your report should analyze how the strategy has affected your business and define the resulting problems.

If a strategy succeeds despite incorrect assumptions, the assumptions are not important and several assumptions can improve performance. Ideally, the report identifies a number of ways to move forward, with pros and cons for everyone. To make the report useful, it offers to propose solutions in addition to document performance and issues.

In any case, it is easy to list the proposal, costs and resources needed and present achievable objectives. Your proposals could range from repeating a strategy with minor changes to integrating a new approach to eliminate and avoid previous mistakes. Based on your own report, your company can then choose its future direction, based on past experience and your projections for the future performance of the various options.

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