How to Post PDF File on Blogger

How to publish a PDF document on Blogger

The Blogger service lets users to make and control blog for free. Whilst this has options for embedding movies and pictures and which include another multimedia material in posts, it lacks the capability to attach certain documents to posts. When you need to supplement a blog article with PDF document , you want to use different application to post the document , then connect to PDF out of the Blogger page. Considering the fact that Blogger actually utilizes google Account process , google documents delivers a simple route to post documents utilizing current account.

Navigate web browser into the google documents site. Type the Google account title and password in corresponding boxes and then click sign on. Click the post drop-down options in left frame and choose documents out of the list. Go to the PDF document you want to article. Click it and choose Open. Click Start post to fill PDF to the google documents storage. When you need to modify PDF to even more compatible structure first select the modify content from PDF and picture documents to Google files box. In case you depart the file in PDF structure , viewers will want a PDF reader to show the content. Wait Google to end uploading the document. A advancement screen will show in the down left portion of the window. If it completes, click on the discuss link in advancement screen.

Click Change and choose either one the market in the web or everyone with link options. Each of the options will let visitors to the blog to view the document. Select save. Select to outline the URL in the file and click Ctl + C in order to copy text to the computer’s clipboard. Navigate into the Blogger site and sign on utilizing the identical Google account you utilized to post the file. In the Dashboard page, click on new article to include the file to new blog entry or choose Edit Posts to publish it into current entry. Paste PDF’s URL in the box and then select ok. The chosen content will show up underlined to point out link. Select Publish article to publish the entry together with PDF document to the blog.

View the article in the blog website to view the PDF link. Click on the connect to open the document in browser or use browser’s Save as formula to save the document into the system’s drive.