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How To Merge Data Out Of Word Into Excel

Merge Data From Word To Excel

Each Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel are out of the Office suite software solutions. Word is to create content, while Microsoft excel is used to data. These applications are made to work jointly. In several basic stages, you could merge info that you’ve saved in word, like statistics or , in to Excel so you can do further research or manage the information more properly.

Structure your word information like a list when there is one piece of information to be transported in to one column within Excel. For example, when you have a range of names that are found in paragraph form separated by comma in the comma and put every name on its line within word. Add tabs or commas among each column when you have a line complete of information within word, like names and here 1 line or row of data.

Click document on the main list, next save As. Choose simple text from save as type drop down list on your options box. Name the document and save it. Go to excel and select file, then Open. Choose all Files in the Files of dropdown list then search for plain text document that you only saved within word. Look in the data on 1st screen of text Import Wizard that shows up to assure it appears properly. (It’s OK when there is a square between data fields that. Select Next and next choose the delimiter which you used to separate the information. Which can be comma, area, semicolon and/or tab, as in this case from Step two.

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