How To Make Normal Distribution Graph in Microsoft Excel

Creating Normal Distribution Graph with Excel

Normal distribution graph is a valuable business analysis tool. Excel allows you to eadily create your own normal distribution. Follow these simple steps…

For example start by entering -5 in B1. Type -4.75 in B2. Select each cell and use the fill feature in Excel (if you never used this simply use the small box within your bottom right area with the mouse… Pull the fill and basically go all the way through cell A43.

Now type the following formula: =NORMDIST(a2,0,1,0) in to B2 in your spreadhseet. You are actually telling Excel how to calculate your normal distribution out of the inputted values in A2 with a propose of 0 with standard deviation of one. Now you can use Enter.

Using the identical mobility you utilized in stage one, drag fill tool out of the very corner in B2 all the way to B43.

Now out of the Chart applications in the right part of your toolbar simply choose none. The stage will help your Y axe disappear from the excel chart / graph.

Choose “Axes” out of the center toolbar and next the primary axis. Choose the bottom alternative where Excel offers more options. Now change the minimal x value to -5 and optimum x value 4 by pushing the adequate radio alternative and filling in all values.

In order to graph just about any standard distribution unlike the normal distribution change the formula to NORMDIST(a2,0,1,0).