How To Make Break-Even Graph In Excel

How To Create Break-Even Chart In Excel

Open new Microsoft Excel file and type in the data required to complete a break-even analysis: fixed cost, Variable costs as well as sales Price. You might have other costs you want to include, that is very good. Just take into account the kind of each cost when it is added in a function.

In Economics environment, break-even point happens when the revenues actually equal the costs. To start creating chart that displays the chart lines that you need to see like revenues and costs, outline the 3 excel columns — the amount (products sold), cost (this is the total costs) and the sales (this is your total sales) data made in the last time period for example month or quarter.

To accomplish this, click on the mouse in the managing in the quantities (or items sold) and while maintaining the left button on your mouse down, pull down the sales in the last entry.

Choose the insert group next click the Scatter Charts image in the Charts group. Out of the scatter graph gallery, choose among the list of line charts: scatter graph with Lines or scatter graph using Smooth Lines. Select the Marker charts to select all the data series points. Chart that displays graphically exactly where revenues and costs are really equal, that is point where the breakeven actually happens for your business.