How To Get Stock Market Data In Excel

Import Stock Market Data In Excel

Start by opening your internet browser. Next go to the Yahoo Finance site which you can find by first going to the yahoo home page and then clicking on the financial section of the site.

Type the stock quote info needed in text entry box alongside and search for your stock symbol. For example type GM to obtain data for General Motors Corporation. A few stocks could be acquired by utilizing empty area to individual them.

When page with the chosen stocks has been filled, click the link get to excel spreadsheet. Choose Open when the alert dialog box is presented on the screen. It will open Microsoft Excel with the stock data in to excel spreadsheet.

Choose document next save as to save information to excel sheet on the computer. Use save as feature, as data opened in the sheet will be included in the read only – mode. The (.csv) document type that info can come in means comma separated – this utilizes comma to define the individual values in the document.

Once you have typed in a lot of stock symbols and selected favorite the page. It will keep you from the need to type the stocks in for subsequent requests in the future.

If Microsoft Excel is not delivered, you could utilize the sheet application located in Open Office Calc, that is free, open source and it is spreadsheet program just like Excel.