How To Create Drop Down Feature In Excel

Create Drop Down List In Microsoft Excel

Click the tab of a blank sheet to get that sheet or if you don’t have new sheet just right click in the tab of current sheet and choose add and next choose ok.

List the designs in individual column in new sheet, using order you defined. For instance, you may have blue on cell C1, red on cell C2, black on cell C3 etc when you’re using design wheel order.

Choose all cells in the column which have designs in them with a click of the top design and pulling the mouse down the bottom design prior to releasing the button.

Type the term designs (without estimates) in title box, that is empty area on top of the sheet left of the functions bar. In case you cannot discover the box, click in any excel cell. The title of that cell, like B17, will show in the title box. When you have located box, re-highlight the design column and enter designs in the box.

Click the tab of the sheet where you would like the drop down list in to show up, then click on the cell in which you need list set.

Choose information in to toolbar – then click Validation. Click the Settings tab when it’s not really the tab at this point open.

Type = Colors in box labeled origin, next click. The applies the drop down list in to that cell. To get to the list, choose within cell, then click on the down arrow which shows to right of cell, next click the design of the alternative.

Choose within cell with the drop down list and choose design, then Conditional format.
Choose same as out of the second drop down box in conditional format dialog, next enter the title of the first design in the 3rd area. Be certain the first box shows Cell result is, next click the design alternative. To create the font design match up with the term, choose the design out of the drop down list under design. To modify the background design, click on the Patterns options and choose the design out of the alternatives delivered.

Select ok, then select add and go on to define conditional format for every design. For instance, choose for cell result is same as and red in second and 3rd bins, choose format of red background out of the design options box. When all designs are inputted and formats chosen, select ok.

Click on the arrow alongside the drop down list and choose design out of the list. Cell font or background design will change to the chosen design.

Just 1-word cells selection names are allowed; name should be entered in the origin box especially like it was typed in the title box, which include funds and lowered case letters.