How to Create Address Labels With Excel

How you can make address labels in Excel:

In Microsoft Excel type the addresses, names and any other required information based on your mailing needs for the individuals you are supposed to make the address labels.

For instance, in salutation column, enter Mrs or Mr by using the individual’s adequate title or prefix you intend to use for sending your mail. Enter their names (fist name and last name). When you are done with this step you can simply save your Excel file and close it.

Now you can open a new Excel file by using the Tools option list on your menu and going to Letters and Mailings. Next choose the Mail Merge function in Excel. You can also access this through the Mailings tab after which you can use the mail merge step by step functionality (Excel wizard is available for this functionality).

Use the next button to go through the steps of the mail merge wizard in Excel to organize your labels with addresses. Now you can click on next and you will be able to actually see the mailing labels in Excel.

Now at this point you can make any required modifications based on your mailing needs. Click on next again and you’ll be able to complete the merge. Now you are ready to print your customized mailing labels on paper by using any printer.