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Free Employee Performance Review Templates

Annual Performance Management Plan Example

This employee evaluation form is designed to provide a comprehensive annual overview. We’ve also included templates from Smartsheet, a piece execution platform that will definitely help you balance this employee performance evaluation and training process with real-time collaboration and work automation. Other sections include employee skills assessment, employee self-assessment, and employees’ view of managers.

Website includes sections for measurable goals that can be weighted and evaluated with follow-up notes. This evaluation form is suitable for a whole range of businesses and can be customized as needed to become as detailed or simple. At the base of the template, a lot of space is included for any professional development plan.

Tracking past availability of work, vacation time, and private or sick leave – can support your performance appraisal system. Document employee attendance with this simple template. This employee training plan template was created for new employees to facilitate the onboarding process.

It is also only a useful recruiting tool in creating an archive of employee attendance, including paid sick leave and vacation time. Once the introductory training period has ended, the template can be used as an assessment tool to evaluate progress and schedule progress. Having a specific training schedule and goals can help make the transition smooth, and also provides a document for the new employee and manager to refer to with questions and updates.

This template can also be used for employees who are given new roles. The website has room for feedback at every stage of the education, which is useful when it comes time for a performance evaluation. List as many competencies as needed to evaluate job performance, then use the rating system and comments section to provide full feedback.

Use this annual evaluation form to focus on assessing management competencies. If you need to grade a team, or any other organization group, this Excel template allows you to rate individuals on multiple competencies and then calculate the full rating for your group. This template provides a long list of assessments to give you a brief summary of the managers’ performance.

The rating assigned to each employee can be derived from self-assessment forms or other performance evaluations. This is a simple evaluation form that can give you the general concept of the specific group’s strengths and weaknesses. This template includes sections for listing any training or further education that might be needed, the goal of each career development goal, steps, support needed to achieve the goals, along with a timeline.

A professional development plan outlines certain goals and a way to achieve them. Taking enough time to create a professional development plan will keep your employees inspired and help you achieve your future business goals. Goals stand alone for the short, medium and long term to meet current needs in addition to future growth.

This semi-annual employee evaluation form provides a simple layout and arrangement for evaluating performance. A mid-year performance review supports the annual review by tracking progress and providing a reference for future evaluations. In addition to a target plan for your evaluation period, sections are included for comments from both supervisor and employee. Using this template, it is easy to create an evaluation and development plan for the find, or keep it easier for a more informal mid-term review.

Planning Goals With KPIs Structure

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