Excel VBA Chart

There are two alternatives for using Excel VBA Macro code to work with charts and create charts in excel. You can use excel macro to create chart in a new excel worksheet or you can create new embedded chart in a regular excel worksheet.

Using chart sheet might be more convenient for presentations when you do not have many charts while embedded charts are useful when you want to create charts next to your excel data in your excel sheet or you want to use multiple charts for your excel data – this is useful when you are creating reports in excel.

Excel VBA Macro Example – Creating a Chart Sheet: This is a simple excel macro that uses excel vba to create chart as a chart sheet in excel. For this example the data is in Sheet1 – Columns A and B. We can create a simple chart as an excel chart sheet by using the following excel vba macro:

Sub Create_Chart_Sheet()

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       With ActiveChart

              .ChartType = xlLineMarkers

              .SetSourceData Source:=Sheets(“Sheet1”).Range(“A1:B13”)

       End With

End Sub