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Excel Tools To Create Dashboard

Excel Dashboard Tutorial For Beginners

You can display data in conditional formatting tables to focus on the negative and positive results, it is easy to summarize the information in charts and pivot tables, you can include interactive controls, and you can define and organize KPIs, and so on . You can create a dashboard for Excel with various functions that help you to make information visualization prominent, which is an essential feature of the dashboard. These features help you to achieve the dashboard factors that simplify complex data and provide immediate visual impact around current status or performance.

In this chapter you will certainly become acquainted with the most crucial Excel features that come in handy when creating a dashboard. There are many methods of importing data into Excel by developing connections to numerous sources. Excel tables are great for getting the data in the workbook where you want to create the dashboard.

You can name the Excel tables and use these names to reference your computer data within the dashboard. This helps you to refresh the information in your workbook when the origin data is updated. These Excel tables are the work tables with the raw data.

This can be simpler than referencing the data overload with cell references. You can use Sparklines in your Excel tables to trend over time. You can get a long list of assessment information and display exactly the same in an Excel table that can be included as part of the dashboard.

You can use line charts, column charts, or profit-loss charts to show the trends based on your own data. Sparklines are mini charts that you can dedicate to individual cells. You can show the audience the information patterns, equations, and trends in size data that add striking color and designs.

Excel charts are the most commonly used information visualization components for dashboards. They are Waterfall Chart, Band Chart, Gantt Chart, Thermometer Chart, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Funnel Chart, Box and Whisker Chart and Waffle Chart. In addition to the above chart types, there are more commonly used chart types that are useful for displaying specific information types.

If you want to help make your dashboard dynamic, refreshing the data every time the original data changes, which is the case with most dashboards, you would want to provide an interface with the charts in your dashboard and the data in the backend. Once you’ve created charts, you need to put them in your dashboard. When you may have large data and you want to dynamically summarize the results and show different aspects of the analysis results, Excel pivot tables are useful to include in your Excel dashboard.

You can achieve this with Excel’s camera function. If you try to create a pivot table with several Excel tables, you will be prompted to create a relationship and the tables using the relationship will be added to the data model. You can use the Excel tables or more efficient data tables within the data model to create pivot tables.

Excel Power PivotTables and Power PivotCharts are useful for summarizing data from different sources by creating a memory-optimized data model in the workbook. If you might have data in the workbook data model, you can create Power PivotTables and Power PivotCharts that encompass data in some data tables. You will learn how to use Power PivotTables and Power PivotCharts in dashboards in the chapter – Excel Power PivotTables and Power PivotCharts for Dashboards.

The data tables in the data model can contain thousands of changing data, allowing for a summary with less time and effort. Excel Power View reports provide interactive information visualization of big data, enhancing the effectiveness of the data model and the interactive nature of dynamic Power View visualizations.

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