Excel Dashboard Safety Metrics And KPIs

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Excel dashboard safety metrics and KPIs for business reporting used by successful safety managers

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While excel dashboards became part of every manager’s toolbox for business reporting, the safety managers are one of the most serious users. Safety metrics dashboard can really help them do a better job at managing safety in their organizations because it is so easy to see all the important measures, targets, key performance indicators as well as safety metrics in general. While safety managers always track their numbers the excel dashboard provides them with the opportunity to view everything in an easier and more convenient way compared to traditional excel safety metrics reports.

Excel dashboard reports for tracking safety metrics displays all facts on one page in a visual way by using indicators, dials, charts, customized excel graphs when required for special circumstances, target vs actual results comparison charts, safety scorecards customized to your business needs, balanced scorecards and more… see all excel dashboards described in detail here

These excel dashboards reports templates will help you report all your safety metrics in one place. For example, safety metrics like illness, incidents, environmental metrics, injuries, proactive safety initiatives and projects metrics, lost time, efficiency, productivity, benchmarking and literally all the safety KPIs you need to track and report will be organized in one place. This will avoid the need for using any additional documents or files in order to find and organize the reports you need. At anytime you can just update your excel data and all your reports will be updated simultaneously. In addition to improved reporting and better more effective and efficient management think about all the time that you can save by getting rid of all those various sources of data and reports and have everything in one place in Microsoft Excel. You can use your new safety reports on any computer or simply print the reports for your next meeting…

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Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports