Excel Dashboard Product Review

Excel Dashboard Product Review for Business Reporting Bundle by Mr Dashboard

Here is a quick overview of the products included in the business reporting bundle. Currently all of these products are packed in one bundle here and the business reporting bundle is part of the business executive bundle here.

Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboard includes ten professional and easy-to-use high-quality excel dashboard templates. These management reports are excellent for obtaining a easy-to-use perception in to the business performance by utilizing the one-page dashboard system.

The executive reports print great and you can replace them or create new dashboards by simply entering your information or just copy and paste the data in Excel.

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Interactive Excel Dashboard

Interactive Excel Dashboard is actually a reporting application which includes a collection of over twenty excel dashboards. All of the reports will update instantly and instantly depending on your information.

In addition, this product gives you the efficiency to generate different views of the management dashboards simply by selecting different time periods for your dashboards. Quickly you could create and check out performance for different time durations according to your requirements.

By using the arrow you could alter the view and your graphs will adjust automatically.

Excel Speedometer

Along with your excel speedometer dashboard it is possible to visually evaluate you business metrics and KPIs. Your KPIs are visually displayed like scorecard gauges and you can change your dashboard display with a single click. Now too to the standard speedometer dashboard you will get automatic speedometer permitting you to build your personal online dashboards in HTML with just one click.

Chart Maker

With the Chart Maker you will easily convert your information with a click into online reports and charts. This application automatically makes HTML data files depending on the excel data.

Excel Dashboard Pro

This excel dashboard software enables you to generate your custom excel dashboard templates. Unlike other excel dashboard software, this is a tool for developing your own professional templates according to your unique company requirements. It is possible to create customized professional scorecard within a few minutes by making use of this application.

Everything is automated so you don’t have to manually create charts or templates. You could use the application and construct your custom excel dashboards – no Excel skills are needed to use this product.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Templates are really simple and professional approach to organize your Balanced Scorecard reports by making use of effective Excel scorecards. This approach will save many hours of your time and effort. The solution presents executive design and style reports by making use of excel dashboard templates.

Pareto Expert

This Easy and still very effective Pareto Utility enables you to analyze your business by creating Pareto Charts and Analysis with a single click. Pareto Analysis could be used by any business. It will help you fully grasp your business KPIs and identify the crucial and important issues which impact your performance.

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