Empowerment vs Delegation: What is the difference?

Empowerment versus delegation

Are they the same or are they different? Many people are confused because they have very similar meanings. Unless you are an HR professional they can be kind of tricky…

Empowerment is not delegation merely because of the following reasons:

● empowerment is the place the organisation has enabled or coached the employee and now continues to aid that man or lady within just the scope of his or her own function,

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● delegation is about supplying away parts, tasks or certain elements of your own job to an individual

About furnishing employee scope inside the chances: having mentioned that, the processes concerned in delegating need to be equivalent to those people.

Empowering – by using empowerment and of course accountability

By using delegation – the obligation can be actually passed on nevertheless accountability from ensuring the function – accomplished stays by using the particular person who delegated the process.

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