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Effective Excel Dashboard Design

How Do I Create An Excel Dashboard

Or maybe you want to make sure that a certain type of problem is noticed more quickly. Maybe you’re trying to focus the team on the actual goal, or you’re trying to show them how they support the challenge. Content is essential with regard to dashboarding.

These are good causes to keep in mind. Often you already have a number of goals and defined KPIs, and adding these is an excellent place to start. If you don’t show useful KPIs, it doesn’t matter which way you submit them.

Every inch of your own TV dashboard is a valuable real estate. Keep in mind that everything has to tie in with returning to the purpose of your board. If you’re really struggling to adjust all things, you may need multiple dashboards.

Adding too much detail can detract from what’s important, making everything more difficult to discover. It’s important that it’s engaging, so it’s okay to inject great. Your dashboard doesn’t have to be completely utilitarian.

Just don’t go too wild. If the inclusion of recent tweets, a stream of brand new deals, or cat GIFs encourage the team to check out the board more often, that’s for the best. Use size and position to emphasize the most crucial information and also to downplay statistics that should be checked less often.

Dashboards need hierarchy for easy scanning. In terms of positioning, the very best left corner of the dashboard is the ideal location, because that’s where your eyes first visit when reading. Consistent dimensions and clear relationships between elements can help create patterns and visual flow.

Better to get out of a niche than to create something bigger just to fill it. Don’t hesitate of empty space. You should list the exact same metric for yesterday, or perhaps a line or column chart showing how the metric spans a longer period.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to include past data. You can also add alerts when a metric is below or above a certain threshold to help you diagnose problems. Another technique would be to be average or previous ups and downs.

Grouping related metrics side by side makes them easy to find – and makes your dashboard design more attractive. Logical positioning of the details on your own dashboard is important. There are numerous new ways to e.g.

by metric, product, brand, campaign, region, team and time period. Titling groups makes them easier to spot. You may want to experiment that is very suitable for the board.

You will find some repetition with many dashboards, for example you may be showing the exact same group of metrics for multiple things. You can use our text widget to get this done. It can also look a lot more pleasant, so stay away from the temptation to use a line chart instead of a column just to clear up some misunderstandings.

Your dashboard will be much easier to read if you use the exact same visualizations and layouts between groups. They should speak for themselves and be unambiguous to the viewers. An important part of the dashboard are the labels that represent each metric or chart.

Headings can also be used to minimize repetition. At the same time, you should try to keep them as short as possible to avoid cluttering your board and keeping the information out of the way. If they are all grouped together in a header called registrations, there is no need to do this every time.

Imagine that you will find the same statistic for different time periods, for example, registrations today, registrations in May, etc. Displaying your conversion rate to three decimal places or perhaps your earnings to the nearest cent when you’re only concerned about bigger changes will only distract from what’s important. When displaying numbers, don’t add more precision you need.

Our last bit of dashboard design advice is the most essential. Plus, taking in lots of details can make a mountain out of the molehill. Once you’ve built your Excel dashboard, don’t let it rest. Ask your team for feedback.

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