Edit the Legend on Excel Chart

When you add legend to chart in Excel, MS Excel builds legend utilizing information from the sheet. Titles in legend match the in the title row, and designs in legend match up with the designs within the graph. The legend on its own sits under and/or to the part of the graph, out in the way of data. To modify the legend’s location, look or content, structure it, adapt the designs and modify the series names.

Use the format settings on home group to modify the font or content dimension, only when you would edit normal content. For sophisticated design options, like content fills or highlights, select content Options on formatting the Legend side bar.

Click on the chart legend and then double select certain entry in the legend so you can open the Legend sidebar. Setup border design in Fill and Border part to modify the design for the two legend entry and line or bar within the graph. Legends generally draw the content out of the excel spreadsheet. Modify the title on excel column and legend upgrades instantly. To change the legend’s content without having modifying the sheet, modify the series names as a substitute: