Corporate Branding and Identity

Strong Corporate Brand gives advantage to the company’s products and services in the marketplace. It’s a strategic marketing approach which is always a long-term investment with high ROI and huge benefits for the company.

Branding is about creating unique identity which communicates your company ideas, values, beliefs and offering.

Strong corporate brand is more powerful than any sales and marketing tool or technique available. Because of that Corporate Branding should be a main priority for any company whether it’s a small business or a large corporation in any market and industry. Corporate brand is more than a product or service brand but it’s a powerful marketing branding platform for creating, building and improving your market offering and portfolio of products and services now and in the future. Corporate Brand is more than creating a new campaign, ad, logo or brochure or logo but it’s your overall strategic company position in the marketplace based on your company and market beliefs and values.

It is always linked to your business strategy. Brands communicate with your customers, suppliers and community on a daily basis and when branding is done the right way it reinforces your company success and position every day. Your brand is communicated not only by your marketing brochures and sales people but also by your senior management and all of your employees especially those who work directly with your customers. All marketing identity materials should be focused on communicating the main message of your brand. Your brand message should always be in line with your business strategy and vision. Brand is not only about communicating your product message but also about communicating ideas and perceptions and sharing the same ideas and focus with your customers.

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Since today there are many tools and technology available to anyone it is easy to create, develop and communicate your brand and develop a sound branding strategy. For example social media is an excellent tool for small businesses and can be used the same way it is used by the big companies. Small businesses today have a strong advantage in branding because they are able to use the same marketing channels and tools used by their big competitors. Test your Corporate Brand position and your main brand message.

Try to explain your brand position and identity with one sentence. You do not need complicated branding but quite contrary the more you are able to describe your brand position in a simple way the more effective your branding is. The first step in branding is creating and developing the idea of your brand, the second step is communicating the idea with your target market. Here you decide what media and tools are most appropriate for sharing your brand values, ideas and positions with your target market. Strong brands save companies a lot of money on advertising and marketing investments because your customers are aware of your brand and your values. Adding new product and service to your portfolio and promote them is simple when you already have a strong corporate brand.