Colors Used In Advertising

Colors have significant impact on people – their mood and perception. Different colors influence people in a different way and different influences trigger different actions and decisions from your prospects and customers.

What is the desired influence that you are trying to achieve with your new advertising message? What are the most appropriate colors for your product or service ad? What are your prospects and customers like? These are very important questions you need to ask yourself before you create your next advertising campaign.

What works for one target market can be a bad idea for another target market and also what works for one product segment doesn’t work for another. So choosing the most appropriate colors for your marketing and advertising campaign is a very important decision and it can make a difference in the response rate or conversion rate in online and offline marketing and advertising.

The most important issue when deciding what colors to use is the final outcome you would like to achieve. You need to create an advertising message that will make your prospect or customer feels comfortable and confident.

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The color choice in advertising depends on the type of product or type of service you advertise and the target customer profile. For example, generally some of the best colors for advertising are the hot colors like red and yellow which are hard to miss and they create customer perception of excitement – which is the reason why they are used in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, colors like blue and green can be used for more traditional services or products like retail products and consulting services. Colors are also an important consideration in developing logo and corporate brand identity.

Infographic by KISSmetrics: