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Your business plan should be more than a document, presentation or a business report. The real business plan is the strategy layout and map for the company. In addition to demonstrating your strategy, tactics and plan your business plan should be used as a tracking and control business tool as well. Few months from now you should be looking back and see what part of your plan was executed successfully and what areas need more work, changes and improvements.

Fact is that all companies small and big as well as entrepreneurs need to create and manage a business plan. It is the planning process and the checks and balances that distinguish successful managers and business owners from the others – the average or below average performers.

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Download a word business template and start creating your business plan right now. However keep this word document next to you at all time and continuously refine, adjust and improve your plan, strategies and tactics. It is proven that those who plan and put their plan in writing achieve their goals and continuously focus on what matters for their businesses.

There is no right or wrong way in business planning. Any decent or average business plan template can help you as long as you are focused on achieving your outcomes and your plans are realistic and you absolutely believe in them.

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