Benefits of Email Marketing

While the economy is in a terrible downturn, using every possible resource to reach customers is essential. However, with many businesses cutting back, adding something new to your repertoire may be an issue. Enter email marketing, a simple and low-cost solution.

Transitioning from traditional to email marketing will save thousands of dollars, however. You can decide to cut down on your typical marketing, or even cut it out completely if you find email marketing does the job.

Staying in touch with them via email easily does obtaining return or repeat customers. Email marketing is very cost-effective for the small business owner. Most online email marketing solutions are designed for small businesses. Creating, sending and tracking an email are quick functions. There is no need for experience in creating professionally designed marketing products and campaigns. Using email marketing can increase your client base and profit margin.

You can choose to perform email marketing yourself, or obtain the services of a company. You can search the web for thousands of such companies. Larger email marketing companies typically charge only $10 for sending out 1000 emails. Usually the price per item is decreased with larger orders. This cost is much more affordable over securing the services of a designer or marketing agency. Email marketing companies also offer the use of their services free for a trial period.

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The best email marketing programs are very user friendly. Email marketing companies allow you to choose from hundreds of email design templates, usually designed by interest category and email style. Simply upload your images and other content.
The learning process takes a mere few minutes. Each time you use the application it will be even easier and faster. Typically you can also enlist in technical support from the company for any questions or issues.

On your website, you can have a web sign-up box, which is provided to you free of charge from your elite email marketing solutions provider. This will allow interested parties visiting your website to sign up to receive promotions or informative newsletters from you or your company. If you operate a restaurant, retail store, or any other business where you interact with customers face-to-face, you can also place a sign in your business location encouraging customers to visit your website and sign up for your email marketing newsletter, promotions, etc. You can even ask for their email address during the business transaction (but just make sure you get their permission to send them emails). The last step is creating your campaign and sending it out. From now on, you have a targeted list of subscribers that are interested in what you have to offer.

That all said, with spam filters and wary unknown clients, the difficulty is reaching enough clients. You only have a couple of seconds to grab a person’s attention with email marketing. Include an attractive, catchy lead in the subject line and first paragraph. Also include your company name somewhere in the beginning.

Be sure you provide something special in your email marketing, and keep things fresh. Offer new discounted products or services regularly, prepare targeted and specific mailings, and offer some content such as ideas, news, information, or articles. Include an easy means of contact and a simple way for the customer to obtain further information. And, last but not at all least, make your email simple, do not include attachments that might be difficult to download for some browsers, and tailor the text concisely and simply to your target audience. You may have to do several different emails depending on your client base.