5 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing occurs when your business hires another company to take care of all of the functions and tasks associated with your payroll. Using this type of service brings a large number of benefits to your organization quickly and easily without having to hire an expert department or invest in any of the resources that are required to accomplish the related tasks.

The types of jobs that can be completed by outsourcing to payroll service providers ranges from the calculation of salaries and wages to tax withholding, the distribution of those withheld funds to the appropriate government agencies, as well as the direct deposit of employee net pay into their accounts.

The following are only a few of the reasons that outsourcing payroll is becoming an increasingly popular technique for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Cost Reduction when you Outsource Payroll

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Though it may be feasible for a large company to afford a full in-house payroll department, this cost can be prohibitive for smaller businesses. In a business that consists of fewer than two dozen employees, then to outsource payroll may be a highly cost effective option. To decide whether or not your businesses is among those that can benefit financially from payroll outsourcing, determine how many hours are being devoted to payroll-related activities by your current employees.

Calculate how much this time costs per employee that is involved, and find the sum of these totals. Don’t forget to include the amount of money spent on the printing of checks (including ink, paper, and electricity), the time and cost associated with the distribution of those checks,, the creation of tax documents, and other necessary factors. Next, have a look at the different plans offered by good quality outsourcing providers. You may be surprised at the difference.

Increased Productivity by Outsourcing Payroll

As you noticed when you were adding up the amount of time that your employees spend on payroll-related activities, this is a time consuming function. By taking this burden of your employees’ hands and taking advantage of payroll outsourcing, your teams are better capable of focusing all of their energy on efforts that are more productive. In fact, you may even find that your company will be able to achieve the same successes with a smaller staff, creating further savings.

Increased Accuracy by Outsourcing your Payroll

Payroll-related activities are fussy, tedious, and frequently frustrating, especially when it comes to more complex issues such as taxation. Mistakes can cause pain and anger among employees and can lead to potentially expensive situations with the government. This makes accuracy an important priority. By hiring a good payroll service provider, the odds of experiencing an error are far lower than if a non-expert in-house employee is required to complete the task. Moreover, if a mistake is ever made, it is possible for you to pursue financial restitution from the payroll service provider, which is not a possible action with an in-house department.

More Reliable

When your payroll activities are accomplished in-house, then they are only as reliable as the individual(s) who performs them. On the other hand, vacation, illness, and other absences will not affect the quality of the work, nor the output speed when you have hired a good payroll vendor. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend your time training new hires to understand your system every time there is a change in staff.

Improved Speed and Payroll Efficiency

As a good payroll provider will have access to specialists in that industry, with the latest technical resources available to them, it will be possible for them to process even highly complex payrolls in an extremely small period of time. Moreover, unlike small businesses, they will be able to easily manage any seasonal changes in workers that will raise or lower the quantity of work, and they will be able to accomplish it without having to acquire and implement new systems throughout the year.

When your small business hires a good quality payroll vendor, you will be taking on experts with insight into the industry – including laws and regulatory mandates on the local, state, and federal level – that would be impossible for your employees to achieve in the same amount of time and at the same cost.