Marketing for Small Accounting Firms

How is Accounting Firm Marketing Different? How to attract new clients for your small accounting business?
Marketing for any king of professional, expert or service provider like accountant, has very specific concerns compared to typical product-oriented small businesses. However just like any other company you need effective marketing and sales strategy so you can convert your small accounting firm into success and preferred accounting service provider.

Numerous associations for accountants can certainly help. Being a member of these associations and trade groups can help you get more exposure and also help your potential clients find you online.
Important hiring to keep in mind is that this profession has a certain standard rules of conduct. You can’t use any kind of marketing message simply to drive leads to your doorstep. You need to adhere to all local, state and federal rules for accounting practices. This is why it is important for you when you are considering hiring a marketing agency or marketing consultant to make certain things clear. Usually there are marketing professionals who specialize in certain industries or business categories like marketing for accounting firms or marketing for attorneys. You should be able to find a local industry specific expert. This will save you a lot of time and money because you’ll skip the introductions and there will be no learning curve whatsoever.
Nevertheless, just like other small business marketing requirements in order to grow your business successfully, there are certain steps you should follow. All the resources on apply to your accounting practice as well but here are the most important ones:
1. Identify clearly your target market
Are you going after startups, small businesses or larger companies? Do you specialize in certain industries? Who can benefit most from your experience?
2. Unique value proposition
Next define a way to explain and communicate with your target potential client why you are the best fit for his needs. Why and how they will benefit from your expertise? Start by defining what is really unique about your service.
3. Develop all your marketing campaigns based on the previous two steps
4. Create your tagline – one simple sentence that communicates your value proposition
5. Develop standard basic ad with your tagline and your key benefits
6. Based on step 5 customize and adjust each of your marketing collateral and material while keeping your core message the same
7. Create integrated marketing communication – all your ads like online, radio, coupons, direct mail pieces like postcards and newspaper ads should communicate the same promise
The above steps will make sure your target market understands in what ways you are different and why they should do business with you!
Why are these steps important?
Because all of your competitors probably have similar credentials – especially they sound the same for people outside your industry and 100% of your potential clients are there. Certified Public Accountant A, B or C sounds all the same unless there is a clear unique message and value proposition.
Once you start acquiring clients at the level you need, next focus on building relationships – this is a service business and having great relationships with your clients is key tm grow you client retention rate. This will further bring you more referrals which is free and most effective marketing you can get!