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How To Create Progress Report in Excel

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How To Develop Progress Report And Use Excel To Track Business Performance KPIs
See more on comparing actual vs target results and download the excel template to track your performance here: Actual vs Target KPIs (Tracking Your Progress). You can use this excel template to track your progress of any business activity or project or your business performance KPIs in general.

Progress Reports

Progress Report: Tracking KPIs with Excel

The progress report generally involves a report in the project, with activities that are finalized up to date and range of the outstanding activities that have to be finalized. Create the progress report to use it by yourself share results with others or with your entire team. If yo use it in a corporate environment you can develop a memo structure or template that you can simply update weekly or daily depending on your projects. You might as well add a cover page or title page especially when you print your repots for meetings. Consider converting your excel progress report into PDF in case you share electronically since PDFs can easily be open on tables, cell phone and any other computer device.
Describe the progress report is simple terms. A summary is very helpful which stresses the main points like what have been achieved and what is outstanding. In addition you can have a table or section in your report that will show any alerts where activities are late and off schedule. According to the complexity and duration this could be a paragraph of information or you may use a bullet points to categorize the issues.
Describe the task or actions that have to be finalized and any critical for success factors. For example the target date should be shown for each activity and the projections of how much time is needed per activity. Include any notes about any obstacles that happened or might happen in the future based on your activity tracking. Likewise also use notes about any support which you might need to successfully finish the project.
Don’t forget to include chart or visual indications or graphs that depicts the steps and the results. Excel charts and excel dashboards are very effective to accomplish this and it will help you better communicate your report with your audience.
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Download Business Management Templates Excel Dashboards KPI Reports