How to Add a Caption to Excel Chart

How to Add Caption to Excel Graph

Adding your caption to your graph inside Ms Office’s Excel sheet system aids clarify the actual situation involving or any type of important conclusions to be drawn from the data currently being displayed. This software does not come with any kind of inserted captioning choices, but you still have the capability to develop one that lines up with a chart with your file. Use a combination of written text box and also group alternatives so as to add some sort of caption underneath your current graph for Excel.

Open the actual Ms Excel file which has your current chart. Click on the Insert menu on the ribbon at the top of the screen.
Click the “Text Box” choice on the Content material space within the ribbon.
Click anyplace within the spreadsheet and pull your cursor on the caption’s needed thickness plus length. Relieve your mouse option to finish sizing the written text box.
Type the needed caption into your text message box you just created.
Move your cursor towards the external edge on the text box until eventually your cursor becomes a cross icon. Click on and drag the writing box, positioning the item below your own graph.
Mouse click and also move the particular bright white squares to the left or right side from the text message field to be able to resize this and fit the actual width on the graph.
Keep all the way down the Ctrl key on the key pad and after that click on the chart along with the text box with the computer mouse. Working the “Ctrl” key enables you to choose both items all at once.
Right click either item and keep your cursor over the “Group” option. Group solutions appear to the right of your cursor.
Push Group inside the listing of options to the far right. The written text box as well as the caption turned into locked mutually, assisting you to resize as well as re position them as one unit, when preferred.