Immigration Case Management Solution

Immigration Case Management Solution

The benefits of automated workflows

Work smarter, not harder. Allow CampLegal to operate for you personally personally.

Rated #1: Excel Business Templates

Ring, Ring You Have A Telephone Call

Uscis Forms With Speed As Well As Brains

The system will pre-populate the client’s data in every pdf forms too as the Bi-Directional feature make sure to keep the client’s data up-to-date irrespective of if updated within the database or even the actual PDF forms.

No Expiration Date Fear Here

Set-up monitoring Configurations to automatically add records to Track, Notify and Remind.

Staff members are able to text and messages clients to obtain immediate replies. Also, any images sent through text could be mapped to some Document Request in Documents. All messages and texts (inbound/outbound) are automatically logged in to the case notes.

CampLegal can create customers, invoices, and use all payments easily to QuickBooks.

Pre-populated Message And Text Templates

Send messages and texts with one-click. One template for lots of languages.

Bi-directional Sync Of Uscis Pdf Forms

Client Profile Data will update the information within the USCIS PDF Forms and the other way around. The information from USCIS PDF Forms will update the Client’s Profile Data.

Configure an approach to automatically create tasks once the situation is produced. Create default tasks for many cases or distinctive tasks for particular case types.

Automatically possess the system add document requests for your petitioner, named beneficiary and dependents. Configuration has not been so easy.

Rated #1: Excel Dashboard Templates

When directly editing a PDF, type equally as much text when needed. Whenever a PDF is viewed or printed, the font sizing will dynamically scale to simply fit into the words input box.

Every case features a Task and Event supervisor, Case Notes, Messages, Texts, Document Repository, Forms, named Beneficiary/Dependents List and Billing.

  • Access to brand new features
  • Unlimited contacts, cases, forms and document uploads
  • Live and video support and limitless training sessions
  • When creating a esignature request, a repayment quantity and invoice quantity could be setup in the same quantity of time. When all signers have signed all of the documents, a bill is going to be created and compensation request delivered to the customer.

    Yes. The customer might use the consumer portal to safely upload most of their files straight into their case. As quickly the actual files are uploaded the actual situation, they might be found to the employees. Getting the consumer upload their own documents to case helps you to definitely save a great deal of the time and aggravation the actual employees, to not mention it’s safer for your consumer.

    The system automatically logs completed tasks, messages and texts into case notes. No must copy and paste anymore, allow the system work with you personally personally.

    The best immigration case management around the market

    Immigration Case Management Solution