Set Printing Options in Excel

Within print options box in excel, you could set large range of alternatives so that you can print the sheet only how you want to have it printed. You could set where you need to print the sheet and ways you prefer to print the sheet by setting the distinct options within this options box. Set the printing options for the excel spreadsheet by following the stages under. Change the printer you use with a click of the Name list beneath the Printer part of the Print options box. You could see the printers you’ve got installed next click that printer you want to utilize to print the sheet.

Check print to document checkbox in Printer part of the Print options box to print the sheet to other laptop document rather than out of the printer. Set print selection of the excel spreadsheet by choosing the All radio option to print each of the pages or Page radio option to print just a specific page or several pages in the excel spreadsheet. In case you select the Page option you would have to use the keyboard to specify that pages you want to print.
Select what you want to print by selecting either one Selection, dynamic worksheet , whole file or List beneath print what part of the Print options box. Set quantity of copies which you need to print by utilizing the keyboard to enter in the value beside quantity of copies beneath the Copies part of the options box. You could as well select to collate the sheet by adding a checkmark in Collate checkbox within this identical part.