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Open Excel in Different Windows

Because excel no more lets saving workspaces with several views, you have to use workaround so you can open the identical excel file in one or more screen and/or to show 2 distinct files part by part. Double click on the file twice doesn’t open 2 examples of Microsoft Excel except you change windows Registry, and changing the registry is risky operation which can result in different issues. In case you like to prevent updating registry, open additional screen from with Microsoft Excel or open new Microsoft Excel instance making use of shortcut.

Open the first excel file in Excel and next open additional Excel instance by keeping Alt, right click on the Excel image in the taskbar and next choosing Excel from the menu. Release now the Alt button when requested when you need to open new instance of Microsoft Excel and then click Yes to get it. Open second file in second excel screen. Note which you could open identical file in each MS Excel windows.
Open additional excel screen with the identical instance by starting Excel, opening the file, clicking View and next clicking new screen in screen group. The identical file is opened in each windows. Note both windows are element of same Excel instance — edits created in any sort of windows are right away represented in another screen. Select View part by part to see distinct groups of same file.
Press Windows X to show the energy User list, select Run, enter regedit.exe in the Open area and click enter so you can open the Registry Editor. Be cautious modifying or removing the incorrect keys or values might purpose applications – to malfunction and sometimes even crash the whole system.
Right click on the command value under the value and select Rename from the menu. Type different name command.old for instance and click enter to rename the data. Right click on the ddeexec key in left pane and select Rename from the menu. Type different name ddeexec.old for instance and click enter to rename the real key. Close the Registry Editor and next analyze the modifications. Double click excel file to open this in Excel. Go back to file and next double select it one more time. When document in Use dialog shows, select see just. The file is opened as see just in second excel screen, so that you cannot edit it.