How To Use PI In Excel

How To Use The PI Value In Excel
The PI feature returns 3.14 — the result of constant pi returned through the function is precise to fifteen digits — in excel and it in the formulas as function doesn’t accept any . For instance, you could utilize it to calculate volume of sphere. To obtain the most precise result, structure the cell which contains the function and change quantity of decimal locations to fourteen.
Open spreadsheet you prefer to edit in or create new spreadsheet. Enter the radius in the sphere in to one of cells, or find the cell which contains it. Right click the cell in which you need to show the volume in the sphere and select Format Cells from the menu. The formatting cells dialog shows with the quantity tab selected automatically. Choose Number out of the Category section to modify the format in the cell and next enter 14 in to the decimals field to all fourteen digits of continuous pi within the function. Select ok. You will choose to use digitsbut excel instantly approximates the result of pi — for instance, it returns three.142 when you use three decimals. Type 3 in the Formula area and replace excel cell with the cell which contains the radius in the sphere. Use enter to calculate the volume in the sphere and show it in the chosen cells.