How to Track Formula in Excel

Tracking Excel Formulas: Dependents and Precedents
There are usually two methods of monitoring a function in Excel tracking the precedents and tracking the formula dependents. The actual precedents of a function are another cells which impact the data that formula will return, as the dependents are every other cells which are affected through the outcome of the function. Excel’s tracking attributes graphically show the dependents and precedents of any excel cell you select, offering you a simple way to monitor the expressions.
Check the sheet to view arrows moving away out of the cell, indicating formula dependents plus arrows moving in the direction of cell, indicating the precedents.
Click either one Trace Precedents and/or Trace Dependents one more time to deepen the monitoring. For instance, pushing Trace Dependents when shows the dependents in the dynamic cell, and pushing it one more time shows the dependents that are of the initial dependents.