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How To Print Comments In Excel

How To Print Feedbacks In Microsoft Excel
Feedbacks in Excel 2013 could help annotate elements of a sheet where feedbacks wouldn’t fit, like within table. Although comments don’t direct display on the sheet, you could print them paper with the content. It’s possible to comment in the original place or like a group in the end of the sheet.
Hover over any excel cell marked by color in the upper right edge. This do geared cell has comment attached into it; showing it reveals box with arrow staging toward cell. Within the box is comment and the title of the user who entered it. Click on the Review tab in upper toolbar. Choosing Show All feedbacks reveals any comments on the sheet, even if you don’t hover mouse on the cell. Now, nevertheless, printing the file still won’t display the comments.
Turn to page layout options and click on the arrow into lower right edge of Page Setup to open box with more sophisticated options, which include Comments in Print category. Automatically, this is set on None, meaning feedbacks don’t print when displayed onscreen. Choose As displayed on worksheet to print document when you see it in the paper. Otherwise, select At finish of sheet to show comments in plain content list following the spreadsheet’s material. Use ok to save your modifications or Print to start printing.